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We're bringing it back, yo.

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Whats your latest purchase?by: BlackscarDecember 11, 2017, 01:15
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    (Friday, Dec 8. 2017 23:49)
    ill lets you know when i make it up lol the batman cartoon
    (Saturday, Dec 9. 2017 00:22)
    this cartoon was made up after the people who did the jackie chain cartoon
    (Saturday, Dec 9. 2017 18:32)
    ok that sucks i just lost hockey game to maple leafs in nhl 14 im up 3- 1 series gees im starting to think i suck at videogames agina lol
    (Saturday, Dec 9. 2017 19:46)
    well i guess if you dont that video on tifa vs Dante i guess the drawings well do
    (Saturday, Dec 9. 2017 22:40)
    ok i got the new xbox 360 hooked up thow no memory cards files or harddrives transfred atlest now they said it cost 10 to do that
    (Sunday, Dec 10. 2017 16:27)
    lol spiderman
    (Sunday, Dec 10. 2017 20:26)
    who the hell are Vegas Golden Knights new NHl team when los vegas get a hockey team anywys
    (Sunday, Dec 10. 2017 22:27)
    what ever fuck the new york rangers think you beat my devils
    (Monday, Dec 11. 2017 03:33)
    dumb titans we just beat the cardinals an they didnt even scroe touchdown on us

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