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    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 18:25)
    That’s not true, I do othrr things.
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 18:31)
    Like what there’s nothing eles we do anyways give it up we’re not going anywhere anyways that’s all you do in life anyways intill the day you die so just get used to it now if exsume me I’m busy playing games and making videos
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 18:31)
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 18:47)
    Now let’s see if I can finish advengers and wwe battleground next
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 19:05)
    I tried doing other thangs in life and nothing work out for me intill I made YouTube channel rember it was your idea gamefags for me to ever make one anyways and I’m going to make sure it keeps going no where anyways like me going no where
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 19:06)
    Now time to go play games and make videos leaves you 3 here alone now
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 19:41)
    Yes I just beaten my 2nd game of 2021 advengers
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 19:41)
    Now time to beat battleground next
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 20:17)
    Plus like said only reason why my youtube channel is still here is because I’m avoiding copyrights too much anyways
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 20:30)
    There’s always something in the way
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 20:41)
    Yeah it sucks. lol
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 21:03)
    So let’s just get used to it ive done 43 years now it well countie for the rest of my life
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 21:10)
    I’ll countie to make everything in my life go no where thow I’m thinking about selling doubles of my cards case I need the money
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 21:11)
    For more dlc or games I’ll get that ps5 I want to play to resident evil 8
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 21:15)
    It’s over gamefags face ertyu0078 is the new king of games mega man x is nothing
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 22:17)
    I might as well just play video games and make videos anyways there’s nothing I watch on tv much these days lol Godzilla vs King Kong what ever they thinking of making this as a movie
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 22:59)
    Show face or show nothing bitch! Where you at?
    (Monday, Jan 25. 2021 23:42)
    What ever fuck you asshole get a life get a job leaves I’m busy playing games and making videos your never find me anyways your not going anywhere anyways you asshole hurry up and die you old man fucking piece of shit
    (Tuesday, Jan 26. 2021 00:50)
    Yes just got madden 21 hmm too bad I beaten it ow well I’ll play it again anyways
    (Tuesday, Jan 26. 2021 00:59)
    There were other movies coming out I’m not sure any of them are good either who comes up with stuff anyways

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