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I'm an independent game journalist from Bulgaria. I love Xenogears, Xenosaga, Metal Gear, and other thought-provoking games.

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    (Tuesday, Jan 21. 2020 09:32)
    I had a couple glasses of prosecco on Sunday and enjoyed it. Maybe that can be my new thing
    (Wednesday, Jan 22. 2020 09:00)
    I just read that in theory rum should be sugar free after distilling. In England and Frenchland though they like to add sugar to the rum to make it sweeter though. The color of sugar rum is darker than non-sugar rum. Even then I’m sure it has less sugar than cola or even fruit juice.
    (Wednesday, Jan 22. 2020 09:00)
    Drink away! go get a liver transplant!
    (Wednesday, Jan 22. 2020 09:17)
    I like kraken rum which tastes like caramel, I suspect it’s loaded with sugar. I don’t have any sugar though except bananas, and maybe sweet potatoes if they contain it. I don’t even have it in coffee now. I’m allowed 750ml of sugar every now and then lol
    (Thursday, Jan 23. 2020 10:03)
    sugars in fruit and veggies are not bad for you though because the sugar is slowly released due to the fibers. (unless you eat like kilograms of it lol). Added sugar is bad. It’s probably added to many of your takeaways. Sugar is sneaky.
    (Thursday, Jan 23. 2020 11:14)
    Sugar is a vegetable right? It grows in the ground! I’ve concluded that rum is good for me. Roll on Saturday, I’ll treat myself.
    (Thursday, Jan 23. 2020 11:33)
    Some retard is tipping me in Gloucester. He is an actual retard too, not just a Nintendo fan. I’ve been here over 90 minutes and he’s not even half done, that’s me not getting home tonight now, I won’t have the driving hours. I’ll feel bad if I shout at him though
    (Thursday, Jan 23. 2020 11:34)
    Normally it’s 20 minutes and I’m racing around after the forklift pulling the curtains and bars out his way.
    (Thursday, Jan 23. 2020 16:02)
    (Thursday, Jan 23. 2020 16:04)
    So I’ve been right about millenials all along. Entitled, lazy, want everything now etc. Turns out my diet is better than yours too. Oh why don’t people just listen to their wise elders?

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