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I'm an independent game journalist from Bulgaria. I love Xenogears, Xenosaga, Metal Gear, and other thought-provoking games.

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    (Friday, Nov 27. 2020 23:15)
    One of my local newspapers is offering 1 cent per day deals. Boy it feels like I’m in the 1890s! Except it’s the digital and not the print edition. I’ll probably subscribe …
    (Friday, Nov 27. 2020 23:16)
    I only have 12 buck you think I get much with that shut up I am not cheap or your bother and stop calling William he’s dead
    (Friday, Nov 27. 2020 23:17)
    My name is trey get the name right
    (Friday, Nov 27. 2020 23:48)
    O but you are my Brother William. We have the same Father.
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 00:08)
    And so what if you only have 12 dollars right now. There are plenty of opportunities in a day to make more money. Go ask your neighbor for money to mow his lawn or weed out his garden and he’ll probably give you at least $20.
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 00:27)
    Darn it I now got to vision and now I can’t him wtf
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 00:28)
    I don’t know anyone around here and I’m going anywhere I work for no one I do what I am playing videos games and make videos
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 00:32)
    Ha. You are already working for someone. You work for Alphabet, Google, and YouTube. They are your masters and you are their slave video maker.
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 00:33)
    Meanwhile, they make more money than you do by putting ads on and next to your videos! Brother William you are good at making moneys for YouTube like a little slave monkey! :lol:
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 00:39)
    Now be a good dear and fetch me some coconuts from that tree like the good little monkey that you are Brother William!
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 01:33)
    Shut the fuck up I’m just playing games and watching tv I’m done making videos in till 2021
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 01:53)
    I have enough on the channel to get me threw in till my 43 birthday thow heck I don’t know if still make videos why I’m getting old that’s why right there I was thinking about giving up when I still had the channel they lucky I’m just keeping it
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 02:11)
    Not like I ever have plans to take it down For now anyways I can do what want with it for now or don’t even bother Anyways
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 02:50)
    ill take the channel to my graves for all i care aas long as my computer works or ill need lab top
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 03:14)
    Besides if I was doing anymore with the channel I’m one video and done
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 03:28)
    now if your esxme me im going to watch smackdown et dinner then go to be my new video well be here after midnight when im in bed at devil may cry sorry were closed at 9pm
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 03:48)
    Like I said I would even know how many more videos I can make up anyways
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 03:58)
    and one of my disc is scraced up and wont play anymore so i cant use it ill get new soon on ebay
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 04:01)
    good im done with gamefags anyways they banned my account so now i cant go back there anymore why bother anyways now ill hve more time to mke videos for youtube if i want too not like im going no where anyways for right now
    (Saturday, Nov 28. 2020 05:16)
    And I’m done with Black Friday shopping. No more for the weekend I hope until Cyber Monday.

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